Investor FAQs

Investor FAQs

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On what stock exchange are LGI Homes' shares traded, and what is the ticker symbol?

LGI Homes shares trade on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol “LGIH”.

When was LGI Homes' Initial Public Offering?

LGI Homes became a publicly traded company on November 7, 2013.

Where is LGI Homes' corporate headquarters?

LGI Homes’ corporate headquarters is located in The Woodlands, TX.  The address is 1450 Lake Robbins Drive, Suite 430, The Woodlands, TX 77380.

Who are the members of LGI Homes' Board of Directors?

You can view our Board of Directors by visiting the Board of Directors section of our Investor Relations website.

Who are the members of the LGI Homes' management team?

You can view our management team by visiting the Management section of our Investor Relations website.

When does LGI Homes' fiscal year end?

LGI Homes’ fiscal year ends on December 31.

Who are the company's independent auditors?

LGI Homes’ independent audit firm is Ernst & Young, LLP.

Does LGI Homes pay dividends?

LGI Homes anticipates to retain any earnings to support its operations and to financial growth and development of its business. Therefore, it does not anticipate paying any dividends on its capital stock in the foreseeable future.

Does LGI Homes have a direct stock purchase plan?

LGI Homes does not have a direct stock purchase program at this time. If you wish to purchase shares of LGI Homes please contact a registered stockbroker.

Who is LGI Homes' transfer agent and who do I contact with questions about stock certificates?

Computershare Trust Company, N.A.

Inquiries concerning the transfer of shares, change of address or lost certificates should be directed to:

Computershare Investor Services
P.O. Box 43078
Providence, RI 02940-3078

Toll Free: 877-373-6374
International: 781-575-2879
Fax: 781-575-3604

Where can I find all of LGI Homes' SEC filings? Where can I download and view quarterly and annual reports?

Quarterly and annual reports, as well as other SEC filings, can be accessed on the Financial Information portion of our Investor Relations website or directly from the SEC at

How do I contact Investor Relations with a question or request?

You can contact LGI Homes Investor Relations via email at:

In addition, you can reach Investor Relations by calling (281) 210-2619.